History of College Deedz LLC

College Deedz LLC was founded in 2015 by Stan Mattingly in efforts to save for college. When Stan realized that all students could benefit from his business, he opened College Deedz to all individuals furthering their education in the 2015-2016 school year. College Deedz provides college age students with opportunities to create income for themselves as well as gain experience in business and entrepreneurship. Each student operates as an "affiliate" rather than an employee, setting his or her own hours, and working how they want to work. Students have the ability to promote themselves as well as the company.

With College Deedz LLC, no job is too small. We vow to be open to any jobs, clean or dirty, long or quick.

About the Affiliate

A College Deedz LLC affiliate is an individual that attends school at a collegiate level. The affiliate is a hard-working individual that wishes to complete tasks under the College Deedz LLC brand as a sole-proprietor. Affiliates are given a profile on our unique web-framework and can be freely scheduled by clients in your area of service. Affiliates are free, independent workers utilizing the College Deedz LLC brand to gain valuable business expereince and generate money.

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How to Schedule

Our scheduling process is easy and tailored to your needs. Here's how to do it:

  1. 1. Browse our affiliates

  2. 2. Choose an affiliate's profile card

  3. 3. Read about them, and get to know who will be working for you

  4. 4. View their hours of availability at the top of the screen

  5. 5. Click the 'Schedule Me' tab

  6. 6. Fill out the form to your best knowledge

  7. 7. Click submit

  8. 8. Wait 24 hours for your affiliate to contact you

  9. 9. Be satisfied by our hardwork and amazing performance

Contact Us

Stan Mattingly
Founder and Operations Manager
Phone: 317-964-9833
Email: CollegeDeedz@gmail.com

Jacob Eccles
Affiliate Relations Manager
Phone: 317-985-8151
Email: CollegeDeedz.Eccles@gmail.com